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ES Energy Save V5+ without integrated boile rair-to-water heat pump 19 kW

General information

Save on your heating costs by adding the heat pump to your existing heating system. Do not throw away your old boiler save it as a peak demand backup reserve of a modernised system.
AWH has been designed for connecting to the existing heating devices; if necessary, the heater will support the heat pump. The design of the indoor unit is stylish and compact, which makes it easy to install to limited space. The indoor unit is equipped with a circulation pump, heat exchanger and heat pump control system.

For Nordic climate
The split system with complete winter equipment means that the heat exchange process with the building’s heating system takes place indoors and only the refrigerant circulates outdoors. This is an effective and reliable solution in our Nordic climate. Thanks to the inverter control, the heat pump automatically switches to optimal power to satisfy your heating demand, given the outdoor temperature.

Top quality defrost – nano-coated outdoor unit
Large volume of air circulates the out- door unit, which is used in collecting energy; therefore ice forms on the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger. The ES defrost programme has been designed to melt the ice only when necessary and only for the necessary period of time. The surface of the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger has been coated with nanoparticles to prevent ice formation and increase effectiveness.

Complete heat control
The V5+ series has a build-in control system with variable water temperature based on the outdoor temperature. The colder the outdoor temperature is, the higher the temperature is in the heating system. This function increases the efficiency, since the heat pump doesn't produce warmer water than needed in order to keep the indoor temperature.

The heat pump consists of three parts:
1. Outdoor unit, which houses thePanasonic high- quality compressor.
2. Indoor unit, which houses the heat exchanger, heat pump control device and circulation pump.
3. Refrigerant tubes, which connect the indoor and outdoor unit. Under normal circumstances the heat pump capacity should be enough to provide half of the necessary heat on the coldest days.

The dockable solution means that the heat pump can be connected to the other heating device, which is capable of ful lling the heat demand alone. If the heat pump is capable of fulfilling half of the heat demand on the coldest days, then it is usually capable of fulfilling 80–90 % of the heat demand on every day of the year.

Technical specifications

Min/max heating capacity (1) 19,8 kW
Maximum cooling power (3) 17 kW
Maximum heating power (2) 19,3 kW
C.O.P Min./Max.(1) 3,12 / 4,27 kW
Energy label A++
SCOP awerage climate, low temperature sys. 3,7 W
Total power consumption Min./Max.(1) 2260/5600 W
Total power consumption Min./Max.(2) 2047/6400 W
Defrost upon demand Yes
Heating cable for defrosting Yes
Compressor pre-heat Yes
Electronic expansion valve Yes
A-class circulation pump Yes
Compressor / System / Number Panasonic Twin Rotary /2
Outdoor unit fan
Quantity 2
Airflow 4500 m3/h
Powwer range 150 W
Sound pressure level
Indoor 46 dB(A)
Outdoor 65 dB(A)
Heat exchanger
Type Plateheatexchanger
Veesurve langus 35 kPa
Connection G1”
Dimensions (L×D×H)
Outdoor Unit 1058 x 562 x 1143 mm
Indoor Unit 530 x 275 x 835 mm
Unit weight
Outdoor unit 100 kg
Indoor unit 39 kg
Outdoor Temp. range
Heating -25~45 °C
Cooling 0~55 °C
Inlet water temp. range 10~50 °C
Residual current device and overvoltage protection Required
Power supply, grounded 380 V / 50 Hz / 16 A
Refrigerant and piping dimensions R410a / (3/8” ~ 1/2”)
Article number indoor/outdoor 120238/120237
(1) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 30 °C/35°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C
(2) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 40°C/45°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C
(3) Cooling condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 23°C/18 °C, Ambient temperature: DB 35 °C /WB24 °C

Price: 7.801,00 € (VAT will be added to the price)

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